Clinton Maddox

Warden of the White Council


Clinton “Clint, don’t call me Clinton, dammit” Maddox is a Warden of the White Council, currently assigned to the West Coast. Those who have met him know that he’s courteous, but also direct. His preferred element in evocation is wind — something that his apprentice does not allow him to forget, usually through the majesty of toilet humor. While he shines in a direct confrontation, his true talents lie in enchantment and crafting. Wood and metal both serve as a canvas for him, and it is not unlikely that, should he come to trust the PC’s, he would part with some minor enchanted trinkets to help them in whatever undertaking lies head.

(More to come on this guy — I wanted to at least get some kind of identity for the White Council presence in the city.)


Clinton Maddox

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